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Engineering Consultating

I consult with PawnGuru as a general engineering consultant. I carry out source code reviews to ensure code quality and confirm that industry standards and best practices are met. I also act as a sounding board, generating new ideas to meet PawnGuru's emerging needs.

Michigan Radio

Environment Report Data Transfer

I helped Michigan Radio move over 5000 articles (nearly 15 years of archives) from a custom build CMS to a standard WordPress site. This process included cleaning data sources, transiting audio and images from the old site, and providing redirect links to maintain SEO with the new site.

NS Basic Corporation

AppStudio Development

AppStudio is a cross platform, integrated development environment for the creation of mobile applications. I’ve been involved with the project from the outset, first as the programming languages consultant and now as the lead developer.

MSU College of Law

Animal Law Data Transfer

I transitioned Michigan State University’s Animal Law repository, the largest of its kind, from a proprietary CMS to Drupal. I reverse engineered the undocumented proprietary CMS, hosted and configured Drupal, and managed data migration. I now provide continuous support.

MSU Teaching & Learning

Consultation & Issue Resolution

I investigated and resolved a high priority networking issue with their Flash based LDX simulation. The task involved a deep dive into legacy source code to determine a root cause for intermittent connectivity problems between the media server and the back end database.

UofM Inst. for Social Research

Election Forensics Toolkit

I improved the functionality of the existing UofM Center for Political Studies Election Forensics Toolkit app by conducting a thorough review of their application. I helped put together an engineering team to correct issues, and managed technical support and app maintenance.


Engineering Consulting

The FrostWallet team contacted me to improve their existing app. I conducted a code review, revealed issues, and worked with the team to implement changes while ensuring code quality and that industry standards were followed.


App Development

Thoughtback is a web and mobile productivity app that has been installed on thousands of Android devices. I developed Thoughtback’s Android app and was an early member of the development team for the web app.


App Development

DemandFood is a food delivery service based in Austin, TX. I have created and currently support a mobile API and cross platform app which supports DemandFood’s delivery service using modern, highly available web technologies.

Joplin Regional Stockyard

App Consulting

I developed and implemented logic for offline data synchronization and acted as a code reviewer. I established code quality standards that aligned with industry standards and best practices, then located and corrected any issues.


App Consulting

I helped the Agrinet team to develop and implement logic for offline data synchronization. I reviewed existing code for issues, and ensured Agrinet's code met industry standards and best practices.

Olark, Habla LLC

App Development

Olark helps businesses integrate online chatting capabilities into their websites. Olark contacted me to build a custom Pidgin installer for Windows based on the default Nullsoft installer.

Olivet College

Teaching & Operational Support

I was instrumental in implementing and maintaining Olivet College’s experimental GNU/Linux-based computer lab. Additionally, I was previously an adjunct professor in the Computer Science department teaching Computer Science I & II, Relational Database Systems, Computer Networking and Computer Organization & Assembly Language.

American Quality Cleaning

Web Development & Support

I developed a Java application form for American Quality Cleaners, and now provide continuous web hosting and support.

Alliant Healthcare Products

App Development

I created an internal web application for Alliant Healthcare Products which enabled the company to track sales leads.